"You are a child of God with infinite possibilities. Joy, peace, and happiness are your birthright: live them!"

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Offering a range of courses combining therapeutic tools, scientific fact, and spiritual truth designed to guide anyone toward long-lasting joy and peace

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Valerie Dimick, MSW-LCSW

Valerie is a Licensed Clinical Social worker with over 20 years of experience.

Her therapeutic intervention, called Universal Truth Therapy, combines spiritual, scientific, and psychotherapeutic aspects to help people find true healing by activating intrinsically-known principles in their lives.

Now, for the first time, you can access her healing model through independent courses, specifically designed to help you access the healing truths of the universe.​

Mind Mastery
Beginner courses designed to give you tools to master your thoughts and grasp your full potential.
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Universal Truths
Dive into higher level classes that unlock truths about our world, our minds, and your true nature.
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Courses developed for specific audiences, including:







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Living After the Manner of Happiness

Discover the path to peace, confidence, and sustained joy in Valerie's new book.

Publishing Peace Podcast

A weekly podcast in which Valerie Dimick discusses topics such as mastering thoughts, finding your true self, and how to cope with and heal from difficult times.

Publishing Peace Blog

A blog exploring the every day practice of true healing principles of Mind Mastery, including personal stories of struggle and success to inspire hope and peace.


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