Mind Mastery

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    Change Your Life!

Find Your Power

Master your mind and plug into your true power source

Embrace Love

Discover how to love yourself and spread that love toward others

Shine Bright

Learn how to find peace and light during struggles and darkness

What is Mind Mastery?

Are you hoping for change or transformation in your life?

Do you or someone you know feel like life is out of control or the future seems bleak?

Wondering what your purpose might be?

Or perhaps looking for a way to make a difference in your world?

Learn how to make life work for you!

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The first class is a free gift, where you will learn:

  • Happiness is not just a feeling—it is a state of being
  • Through upholding and honoring basic principles, you can consistently experience peace, joy, love, and even miracles
  • Circumstances you find yourself in are a product of your thinking, not the unlucky draw of the cards of life

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What People Say

The work that Valerie does and the principles that she teaches are life-changing. Not only have I used her tools with my clients, but I have used them to improve my own life as well. Thank you Valerie for sharing your gifts with the world!
Aimee C. Gianni
Valerie has the perfect combination of scientific facts, spiritual attributes and psychological findings to create the very best formula for lasting happiness! There is very real power in this work! It has changed my life!
Connie G.
Through sincere pondering of the principles taught here, commitment to exercising new practices, and having faith in God's power to effect change, I have been remade from depressed and confused to enlightened and full of joy. While still a work in progress, I am a new person, what was dead is now alive. What was sick is now healed. Simple truth, well explained and acted upon, has changed everything.
Rich C.
Valerie has changed my life. She helped me clear out all the muck that I had collected over the years and helped me see the truth that I am worth loving. I went from believing I had to light to seeing the light, possibilities, and purpose. I value life every day because of the simple tools Valerie has helped me to learn and apply. Thank you Valerie!
Brittany Y.
I felt stuck for years on end. I felt enslaved to my own self-limiting rules and addictions. I kept asking myself, "When are things going to change?" Within 15 minutes into Valerie's Mind Mastery, I realized she wasn't your average self-help guru. The principles Valerie presented to me have transformed my life. I am happier and more pleased with the simple pleasures of life. That dark cloud of deception feels all but blasted by the truths that she has restored to my soul.
Aaron Y.
Valerie's work has affected me in so many ways. I have been able to free myself of a lot of false beliefs that have led me to live a life of constant fear and self-loathing. I lived mostly in-between depression of the past and anxiety for the future. It wasn't until I found her work that I was able to feel peace for the first time in 30 years. It has been 5 years now and I love and love freely and fearlessly with an assurance that I never thought possible.
Brandon C.