Universal Truths

Tap into the intrinsically-known principles within you and embrace your true self.

Universal Truths Online

Created by Valerie Dimick, MSW-LCSW

This program gives people the tools to discern truth, cast out false understanding of who God is, and gives them the tools to walk in confidence amid a troubled world. It teaches people how to look to Christ effectively. Spiritual, psychotherapeutic, and scientific truths are combined to help members recognize the power God has given to His children to help them on their earthly journey.

Activate Agency

Learn what thought really is, the power of thought, and how intricately it is tied to agency

Walk in Faith

Understand God's character, how walk in faith, dispel fear, and call down miracles

Conquer Fears

Recognize you fears and learn how to face and conquer them to bring healing and hope

Heal wounds

Learn how wounds are unintentionally created and how to let go and heal from them

Find Power

Transcend what you see with your natural eyes to use the gifts and power God has given to you to walk in confidence

Own Truth

Discover your infinite, undamaged potential and the power the Lord has invested in you ​

Customers Reviews

I think of the concepts Valerie has taught me almost every day. It has helped me to face blocks that I didn’t know existed, and that has given me to have courage to make so many changes. Through the principles that Valerie teaches, I now have an incredible increase of mind power! I am no longer a victim of my moods or stories! I have a light and hope in my life now that has carried me through challenges.
Shirley M.
When I first began Universal Truths, my life and mind were a mess. I felt like I was carrying a dark cloud around that hovered above my head keeping me drenched in sadness, doubt, and fear. As I began to apply the simple teachings and concepts that Valerie had been teaching in class, accept my true self and set aside my false beliefs, I felt a new found freedom and peace within myself. All my fears and doubts started to melt away. I feel free to be happy and to enjoy life.
Christina B.
Universal Truths was a life changing experience for me.  This program is unique because it brings gospel principles together with the most current teachings in psychology.  Through this course I have found the ability to move forward, not only emotionally, but spiritually as well.  When applying the teachings of this course I am able to accomplish whatever the Lord has in mind for me.  I feel free, I feel loved, I feel at peace with myself and with others.
Laurie L.