Mind Mastery

Change Your Thinking...
    Change Your Life!

Mind Mastery Online

Created by Valerie Dimick, MSW-LCSW

This free course teaches the basic principles of how to live in a persistent state of happiness. The simple truths covered in this course are designed to help people understand the power available to change their lives despite challenges, pain, unhealed wounds, and circumstances.

Mind Mastery is the foundation for making life work for you.


Find the power to light even the darkest times


Allow yourself to heal from past afflictions


Discover the power of your thoughts and mind


Embrace the peace available to you at any time

Customers Reviews

I am so grateful for the tools that Valerie has shared with me and I have personally been able to apply these tools in my life. These tools have helped to change my false thoughts and beliefs that I held for many years. My life has changed in so many ways as I have focused on making Christ the center of my life and letting go of fear and limiting beliefs.
It doesn't matter what your religious background or tradition is, seekers of truth from all walks of life will have their eyes opened, their understanding of truth broadened, and their purposes clearly defined. Valerie has a way of making the spiritual practical and the impossible reachable.
Valerie's Mind Mastery has helped me understand how I am in control of the thoughts I choose. In choosing positive or accurate ones, I can change and have changed my life tremendously. That alone has brought so much peace and happiness to my life.